Why You Should Avoid All That Halloween Candy

This Halloween, will you stick to your diet?

Halloween is the time of year when, suddenly, your home is filled with tasty treats that would normally never see the light of day in your kitchen. It’s just one day. You might as well splurge, right? Wrong! Indulging on those Halloween candies can set you back in your diet and negatively affect your health. If you start feeling tempted to sneak something out of your kid’s trick-or-treating bag, remember these cautions:

  • Even “just a little” can be a lot. How much can one candy bar hurt? More than you think. It may seem small, but take a peek at its calorie count. Even bite-sized candies can contain as many as 50 calories per serving!
  • Sugar is addicting. It is in your nature to crave sugar, The more you taste it; the more you’ll want it. Pig out on candies for one night and you’ll struggle with the desire for more for days after.
  • Many sweets are filled with trans fats. Those creamy candies you love so much are not only packed with refined sugars – they also have unhealthy trans fats that can raise your cholesterol and promote weight gain.
  • Artificial coloring can have consequences. Several types of cancers have been linked with artificial coloring. Those bright oranges and yellow may have danger lurking behind them.
  • Your weight loss strategy is partly a mental battle. It’s not just about the math of counting calories. How are you going to be tomorrow, emotionally, after breaking your diet? If “cheating” makes you feel discouraged and weak, it’ll be harder to get back on track after the holiday.

Be prepared this Halloween by making healthy snacks ahead of time.  One suggestion is to cut up an On-The-Go bar into bite sized pieces for a healthy, delciious, calorie controlled treat.

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