What is the UltraWellness Program?

Find out how Dr. Garcia's UltraWellness Program can help you increase your metabolism and feel great!

You may be fit, but are you living well? Could you use an increase in energy or an improvement in sleep? Many people could benefit from a health and wellness program even if they are not attempting to lost weight.

Learn more about making the most of a healthy lifestyle through Dr. Garcia's UltraWellness Program. This special program is open to anyone who has a desire for improved physical well-being and overall health.

How does the UltraWellness Program work?
Patients begin our 8-week UltraWellness Program with a goal of developing a healthier lifestyle and increasing overall health, rather than targeted weight loss.

Through core components, developed by Dr. Garcia, the UltraWellness Program provides patients with a noticeable increase in energy and well-being. Key aspects of the UltraWellness Program include either our ProVitamax Plus injections or our Vitamin B Complex Plus injections, proven medical principles, and proper nutritional supplementation.

Through our popular ProVitamax Plus or Vitamin B Complex Plus B6/B12 injections, patients receive essential nutrients along with a boost of energy and 82% of patients described feeling increased energy, lower stress levels, restful sleep, and reduced cravings.

What is the UltraWellness Difference?
The UltraWellness Program goes beyond vitamins. Our ProVitamax Plus injections, which have been custom formulated by Dr. Garcia, contain a blend of amino acids, along with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Benefits include:

  • Increased alertness
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced stress
  • Less fatigue
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Stronger immune system

We now offer patients the opportunity to order their own vial of our custom ProVitamax Plus injections.  They can then be conveniently administered at home.  For patients who prefer, we also offer our powerful Vitamin B Complex Plus injections in office.  Your individual needs and preferences may determine which option is right for you.

Are you ready to give the UltraWellness Program a try? Find out more about maintenance for life and how to get started with Dr. Garcia by scheduling a no-cost consultation right now!

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