Top Ways to Avoid or Control Type 2 Diabetes

Getting control of your weight is the number one way to prevent or control type 2 diabetes.

If you struggle with a high BMI, you are unfortunately facing a greater risk of type 2 diabetes as you age. Don’t let this lifelong disease get a grasp on you! You can take charge today by vowing to eat right, start exercising, and lose weight no matter what it takes. Already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Adjusting your lifestyle now can keep your condition under control. Try making these changes for a better tomorrow.

Commit to active living.
An exercise routine is great, but an active lifestyle is even better. Don’t spend your down time immobilized in front of a television set. Take your family to the park, go for a bike ride, or play an outdoor game. Work a desk job? Make sure you are getting up to walk around and stretch at least once an hour.

Increase your fiber intake.
Not only will fiber keep you feeling full longer, which leads to less calories an weight loss, it also helps your body maintain control over your blood sugar levels.

Pick wheat over white.
Toss out your white breads, white rice, and white flours. Complex carbohydrates are the way to go. Whole grains provide extra energy and keep your blood sugar stable.

Find a weight loss solution that works for you.
Extra pounds put you at risk for diabetes even when you are making the healthiest choices. If you are overweight and can’t seem to slim down, talk with your doctor about possible underlying problems and solutions.

At the Garcia Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, you can lose weight and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Schedule a no cost consultation with us today!

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