Too young for Botox? Maybe not.

If you’ve been thinking that Botox is only for middle-aged women, it might be time to re-think your position…just don’t furrow too much while you ponder.  There is a recent shift in the use of Botox as a more preventative treatment.

A recent commentary in JAMA Dermatology, has researchers suggesting that women in their 20’s and 30’s may be the perfect candidates for Botox.  Dr. Kenneth Arndt, the author of the piece, and a Boston-based dermatologist, suggests that it is “rarely too early” for the “conservative and thoughtful use of neuromodulators [i.e., Botox], fillers and noninvasive energy-based treatments.” 

The idea is, that rather than trying to correct and smooth out wrinkles when you are in your 40’s and beyond, the use of Botox earlier can prevent these wrinkles from happening in the first place.  Slowing down the use of the muscles that make frown lines, furrows, and crow’s feet can stop these wrinkles from ever forming.   This could lesson the prominence of wrinkles and prevent the need of fillers and more Botox for corrective use down the road. 

Of course, we’ve all seen the best of intentions go bad (talking to you, Real Housewives)!  It’s important to make sure your Aesthetic treatments are administered by a trustworthy professional!  

Here in Tampa, our Aesthetic Specialist, Alice Goodman, ARNP, is known for her light touch and natural results.  If you’ve been considering if now is the right time to start Botox, stop furrowing, and make your appointment at Garcia Weight Loss and Wellness. 

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