Tips for Having a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, keep your waistline under control!

Do you typically come down an annual bout of post-Thanksgiving shame? This year can be different! It is possible; you can enjoy a delicious meal with your family without all the guilt and stress. Try these tips for the healthiest and happiest Thanksgiving you’ve experienced in years.

Prepare your body for excess calories.
When you know you’re about to get more calories than usual, you can make plans to balance this out with extra exercise. If you schedule an intense workout for the day right before and right after Thanksgiving, a few extra calories won’t set you back that much.

Keep your appetite in check.
Don’t let your cravings get the best of you during the big meal! You can keep your appetite under control by enjoying a healthy and fulfilling breakfast in the morning, and by making sure your first course this Thanksgiving is a big salad and a full glass of water.

Pick the right foods.
Make healthy choices while you cook and eat. Choose steamed vegetables over a large, cheesy helping of broccoli casserole. Use a healthy butter alternative for your mashed potatoes. When it’s time for dessert, remember that pumpkin pie (without the whipped topping) is usually the option with the lowest calories.

Splurge in moderation.
It’s okay to indulge in a few diet-breaking delights on a special occasion – as long as you watch your portion sizes. Take just enough to satisfy your craving and leave the rest.

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