Maintenance For Life

Maintaining your weight loss may be more challenging than you expect.

You finally have the body you’ve always dreamed of! Now you can finally relax, cancel that gym membership, and return to regular life, right? Not exactly. Achieving your goal weight is an amazing accomplishment, but many people discover that maintaining a healthy weight is just as difficult. Staying slim requires a new lifestyle, not just a temporary diet. Here are some tips for keeping the pounds off.

Refocus Your Motivation
When you’re already pleased with your reflection in the mirror, it’s harder to turn down fatty foods and sugary desserts. It’s time to find a new inspiration. Start researching the health benefits of healthy eating and exercise. Keep these stats on hand for the next time a craving rears its head.

Find Like-Minded Friends
It’s difficult to resist unhealthy choices when everyone around you is making them. If your social life consists of eating out, going to the movies, or other activities that encourage a lot of sitting and eating junk food, start suggesting healthy alternatives. Host a dinner party with lots of veggies and low-fat foods. Make plans with a couple of friends who enjoy hiking, rock climbing, or kayaking.

Avoid Burning Out
When you’re in this for the long run, you can’t get too extreme. Push yourself too far and you’ll eventually give up and relapse. Devise a reasonable exercise schedule, allow yourself a little splurge in your diet every now and then, and don’t neglect other important areas of your life. Remember that stress is one of the number one excuses for unhealthy eating habits.

Losing weight is only half the battle. Now you need to maintain your healthy weight. Garcia Weight Loss can help you stay on track. Schedule a no cost consultation today!

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