It’s Holiday Time: Don’t Stress Out

This holiday season, stick with your health goals.

December is a month known for overindulging on food and ignoring commitments for thrice-weekly exercise sessions. It’s not intentional, but you know from past experiences what happens during those holidays parties and family vacations. Feeling a little anxious about the holiday season? All you need is a plan and you can enjoy the festivities without the guilt. Try these tips!

Don’t keep unhealthy treats in the house. You know you’ll face enough temptation at the office, at your friend’s homes, and at holiday parties. Make your kitchen a conflict-free zone with a ban on junky and fatty foods.

Offer to cook. You’ve been invited to a holiday meal, and now you’re stressed about what kinds of foods might be offered that will fit your diet. An easy solution is to offer to help with the cooking. Bring a few dishes of your own and you can guarantee healthy alternatives for yourself and other dieting guests.

Find a fitness partner. It’s harder to bail out on an exercise session when it involves canceling on a friend. Partnering up also forces you to make a plan in advance, rather than trusting yourself to just find some extra time now and then in your busy schedule.

Treat yourself occasionally. Enjoying a small treat on a special occasion will often keep you from having an out-of-control binge after the temptations become too much. Choose a couple holiday events in advance when you will allow yourself a little freedom.

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