How Our Easy Exchange Foods Can Work for You

Simplify your diet on busy days with our exchange foods.

Sticking to a nutritional plan doesn’t need to be inflexible and unforgiving. We know you’re busy and our easy exchange foods give you a little wiggle room when you don’t have time to prepare something more elaborate. Stock up on a couple options now – you’ll be thankful you did later! Here are some ways exchange foods can make your life simpler when your schedule is packed:

Feel the satisfaction of a “big” breakfast without the big hassle. Don’t have time for a hot morning meal? A bowl of cereal will suffice, if you have some of our hunger control cinnamon cereal on hand. This can replace one serving of protein and one serving of carbohydrates.

Always have a fulfilling snack waiting for you in your bag. Ignoring your hunger pains for too long often results in overindulgence at your next meal. Silence your appetite with an on-the-go bar. It looks small, but it counts for two protein servings and two carbohydrate servings.

Give yourself energy when you need it. Did you know what you’ve eaten today will affect your motivation to get moving at the gym this afternoon? Carbohydrates give you the fuel necessary to meet your fitness goals, so don’t wait until the end of the day to get your fill. Many of our exchange foods provide one to two servings of carbs.

Learn more about exchange foods at Garcia Weight Loss! Take your first step toward weight loss today. You can order exchange foods and other great products and supplements straight from our website.

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