Fresh for 2015! New System, App on the Way, Dr. Garcia goes Global

We’re fired up at Garcia Weight Loss!  A new system, a gorgeous app almost ready to launch, and a brand update on the horizon, you could say we’re excited for this awesome New Year!

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Our amazing new weight loss system was developed by Dr. Garcia himself to assist you in reaching your goals.  This one-of-a-kind software system is completely intuitive and uses YOUR individual data to create a completely UNIQUE plan just for you.  We believe that this individualization is the key to success for a thinner, more vibrant you!

Our Tampa Bay physicians and staff are using this handheld technology on every patient visit, and our patients are thrilled with the ease and results.   Our smart system takes into account your medical history, body type, activity level, goals and even your week to week progress to continually refine and update your plan to maximize your weight loss!

Your plan will include unique recommendations for your nutritional plan, supplementation, hydration, and activity all based on your goals.  This means that two people that might seem similar on the outside, will get two different plans based on their distinctive characteristics.  Dr. Garcia doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all program.  Garcia Weight Loss has used our 10 years of experience in medically supervised weight loss to create the most advanced, customized weight loss system in Tampa Bay.

Dr. Garcia has a huge announcement coming soon.  We’re dedicated to continually improving our program, and the way our patients approach weight loss.  In addition to our patient portal, Garcia Weight Loss is thrilled to be adding an iOS app this quarter that will work seamlessly with our new system to make it convenient and easy for our patients to interact with their personalized plan.  We believe this marriage of technology, science, and complete customization will once again revolutionize medically supervised weight loss.  Our new app will be rolling out soon, along with a new name for our amazing one-of-a-kind weight loss brand!

Dr. Garcia has been the most-trusted name in weight loss for over a decade.  With over 1.7 million pounds lost, a robust eCommerce site, customers in 8 countries and 45 different states, we are ready to step it up again in 2015.  The timing is perfect…are you ready to get serious about your health and wellness?  If so, request your appointment now, and let us show you what’s new at Garcia Weight Loss.

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