Five Tips for Healthy Post-Baby Weight Loss

New moms, are you ready to shed post-pregnancy baby weight? Learn how to do it the healthy way!

Having a child is one of the most exciting and transformative experiences that can occur in a woman's life, but learning to accept your post-baby body can be a challenge for many new mothers. With proper diet and exercise, however, achieving a healthy post-pregnancy figure is possible! Here are five tips for losing postpartum weight in a healthy way:

1. DO check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. The six-week postpartum checkup is a good opportunity to set some weight loss guidelines with your healthcare provider. You will lose about 10 pounds right away after giving birth, but it is important to take a slow and steady approach to post-pregnancy weight loss. Your physician will be able to help you develop a weight loss and exercise regime that is right for your body.

2. DON'T set your expectations too high. You did just give birth, after all. Your body needs time to recover from labor and delivery, so set your sights low, at first, with light activities such as walking around the block. Also, understand that there is a chance that your body has changed for good, which means that while you can tone up and lose weight, you may not return to your pre-pregnancy figure. Learning to embrace your post-baby body is an important part of feeling healthy. 

3. DO establish healthy exercise habits early on. According to the CDC, healthy women should get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, both during and after their pregnancy. Developing an exercise plan before giving birth will increase your chances of keeping it up after baby arrives.

4. DON'T eat an unrestricted diet. Giving in to your body's craving during pregnancy is all part of the experience, but once you've delivered, it's time to start thinking about getting your diet back on track. For the best results, restrict sugars and fats while consuming more vegetables, fruits, and high-protein foods. 

5. DO consider breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed lose about an extra 300 calories per day versus women who don't. Breastfeeding also contracts the uterus, which helps it shrink back to pre-baby size.  

Achieving the post-pregnancy body of your dreams is within your reach! Learn more about how we can help at Dr. Garcia's website, or schedule a no cost consultation, no obligation required.

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