Dr. Garcia’s New Green Coffee Bean Diet

Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Program is ready to launch in Tampa Bay!

We hear you, we hear you!  After a couple of months of dodging questions about “When??”, we are thrilled to confirm that Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet is here! You may have heard about green coffee bean extract on Dr. Oz or The Today Show, this natural weight-loss discovery is making waves across the country, and we are ready to roll out this exceptional new program.

In order to manage the demand for this extremely convenient and effective program, we are forced to extend invitations to just a select few.  Find out more about this exceptional program below and join our wait list by clicking here.  If you are selected, we will contact you immediately and you can be one of the first in Tampa Bay to benefit from Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet.

What exactly are green coffee beans?
Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans before they are roasted. They contain chlorogenic acid, which studies have proven can be effective in influencing both glucose and fat metabolism.

When coffee beans are roasted, the amount of chlorogenic acid, and therefore the main weight loss benefit, is reduced. Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet utilizes beans before they are roasted, which promotes optimal weight loss and other health benefits.

How does Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet work?
Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet is a proven method of safe, effective weight loss. The combination of natural Green Coffee Bean Extract, personalized nutritional plans, and access to Dr. Garcia’s secure online weight loss companion makes Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet an effective – and healthy – weight loss method for any patient!

What does a sample diet look like?
Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet monitors your diet, hydration, exercise, and supplements as part of an overall diet strategy. Learning to read food labels, exercise effectively, and follow a proper nutritional plan are all proven aspects of effective weight loss, which, combined with our Green Coffee Bean Extract, will help you achieve exceptional results.

Dr. Garcia’s Green Coffee Bean Diet is centered around the quality and strength of our Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is:

  • Standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid
  • Made with the finest Arabica coffee beans
  • Gluten free

Add your name to the wait list here for this amazing new program, spots are limited!

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