Do Probiotics Have a Place in My Weight Loss Plan?

Probiotics may do a lot more than just regulate your digestion!

You’ve seen the commercials and the yogurts at the supermarket boasting of probiotics. While most of the talk surrounding these living intestinal microorganisms centers on digestive health and regulation, some research has also indicated that probiotics may actually help you with your weight loss goals.

What Are Probiotics?
Sometimes referred to as “friendly bacteria,” these microorganisms are most often found in yogurts and supplements. They are best known for their ability to help break down and digest foods in the intestines. This can be helpful when antibiotics or other factors have destroyed the good bacteria that naturally live in the intestines, regulating the digestive system.

How Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?
Some research indicates that probiotics can change the way the body takes in calories, using more calories for energy rather than creating excess fat on the body. Those with a low metabolism may find that probiotics can make weight loss easier. Probiotics for weight loss are most effective when taken as a supplement. Sweetened yogurt cups may have plenty of probiotics, but the excess calories they provide could cancel out the benefits.

Are Probiotics Right for You?
Although the probiotics may encourage some weight loss, these are not magic diet pills that will make your need for exercise or healthy eating disappear. The weight loss benefits of probiotics will only manifest if coupled with an active lifestyle and low-calorie diet. If you are looking for a quick fix to your weight problem, probiotics are not the answer. If you want something safe and healthy that will give your current weight loss plan a boost, probiotics could be for you.

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