Common Myths About Weight Loss & Nutrition

Can you tell fact from fiction when it comes to these common weight loss and nutrition myths?

When it comes to weight loss, there’s plenty of information to go around. But how much of the weight loss and nutritional information that you read is based in fact and how much is myth? Don’t fall for these common misconceptions:

Myth #1: You can never stray from your nutrition plan if you want to lose weight. To err is human, right? So you ate a slice of birthday cake or indulged in a sugary cocktail – that doesn’t mean you won’t see results if you get back on track tomorrow. Allowing yourself the occasional indulgence will give you the discipline to eat right the rest of the time. Setting realistic goals is key.

Myth #2: Fad diets will help you achieve effective weight loss results. The truth is, fad diets may help you drop a few pounds quickly, but they do not promote the kind of healthy lifestyle changes that will help you achieve long-term weight loss. Does it seem too good to be true? It probably is. Finding a diet you can stick to is the best way to meet your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Myth #3: Skipping meals can help you lose weight faster. The opposite is true. In particular, studies have found connections between skipping breakfast and obesity.

Myth #4: Fast food is never okay when it comes to weight loss. While fast food restaurants can be high-calorie land mines, traditional “sit-down” restaurants can also serve up meals that are much higher in fat and caloric content. The key to consuming fast food when you are trying to lose weight is to steer clear of breaded and deep-fried menu options; most fast food restaurants offer grilled or baked versions of their popular entrees. However, the most sure-fire way to control your nutrition is to prepare most of your meals at home.

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