Beginners Tips for Weight Training

Let's work on your muscles! These tips will get you off to a safe start.

When trying to lose weight, many people create a cardio-heavy fitness routine. While running, swimming, and cycling are great, they can't meet the standards of well-rounded exercise plan by themselves. Strength training should be included in your weekly activities.

Weights are one of the most common approaches to building strength, but they can seem intimidating and dangerous to a beginner. These tips can get you started with confidence!

Find a coach. Weight training injuries do happen, and bad form is often the culprit. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a pro that can guide you in the beginning. This can mean joining a class or hiring a personal trainer. In some cases, fitness videos may be able to instruct you, but this can be risky since there is no one to correct you if you've misunderstood something. Even if you have no coach, you will always need a spotter when lifting heavy weights.

Start small. Getting too ambitious, too quick can also lead to accidents. Weight training is best done slowly, yet persistently. Know your limits. If your body is protesting, listen to it and rest before you get hurt.

Make a weekly routine. Weight training should not be done every day, but it does require a consistent schedule for best results. Three days a week is a standard rhythm to start with.

Weight training is often overlooked in a weight loss plan, but strong muscles will speed up your metabolism and help you shed those extra pounds faster. Do you have a personalized weight loss plan? At the Garcia Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, you can get safe, reliable advice and assistance. Schedule a free consultation today!

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