5 Reasons Fad Diets are Bad Diets

Don't fall for the latest weight loss myths. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes lasting changes!

New fad diets appear every year. They aren't hard to spot. They promise fast results, they claim to be "easy," and they usually scoff at the need for exercise or portion control. In short, if it seems to be too good to be true, it's probably not what you're looking for. If you're feeling curious about a new fad diet, look for these five signs that it may not be the healthiest path for you.

  1. It's too repetitive. Many fad diets insist you'll achieve the perfect body by limiting yourself to one food or food group almost entirely. In reality, your body needs variety. Eating the same thing meal after meal, day after day will only lead to short-term results and long-term malnutrition.
  2. It's too extreme. Whether you're going on a liquid diet or cutting carbs out of your meals altogether, these strict rules cannot be kept up for a long period of time. Even if they do lead to weight loss, you will eventually gain everything back when you return to your normal eating habits.
  3. Its calorie count is too low. Talk with your doctor about how many calories you should be consuming a day. If a diet results in you going under that number, your body will go into starvation mode, your metabolism will slow, and ultimately you'll start putting on weight quicker than before.
  4. It promises results too quickly. True weight loss takes times. You can't get around that. If your weight loss happens in only days or weeks, you're losing water weight, not fat.
  5. It doesn't include any exercise. Dieting alone will not give you the healthy, lean body you crave. An active lifestyle is required to reduce flab and tone up.

You don't need fad diets to meet your weight loss goals. With our help, you can the find a healthy and effective approach to achieving your ideal body. Learn more at our website or schedule a no cost consultation with no obligation required.

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